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Thank you Jeremiah's House

They were right when they said that Canada is heaven and good living
I kind of did not believe I reach here and left the awful life behind
I flew like a bird high in the sky and the wind is touching its feather
When i reached London I saw the wonder here compare to there
I was given warm welcome by Tam Nouhad Majid and Mengesha
We wanted to thank you for Jeremiah's House but thank is so little
I tried to look for a word to express my feeling but I could not find
Thousands times we thank you and thousands to God
Tears went down my cheeks from joy
When we left the Reception House everybody gave us warm goodbye god witness they were kind
Then all my illness gone and my week body healed
I thought I lost my family but I realized that they became my family and friends
I saw sweet hearts made me forget the sorrowness
Never seen like Nouhad and Tam who were the remedies
And also two others entered our sad hearts Majid and Mengesha
I pray to god to to reward you with happiness

This poem was gifted from Waheed { Abou Atheer)

After leaving the Reception House in London


Click here for the Adobe document of the English and Arabic versions of the poem.



NOW (Newcomer Orientation Week) Program Testimonials

Peer Leader Experience

The NOW program was a total success. It was a great experience that created everlasting memories in both the peer leaders and the newcomers. The program had so much impact on all of us that it did not finish after all the planned activities were completed, but we also kept mentoring and helping the newcomer afterwards during summer. Constantly activities such as picnic in the park or swimming were organized weekly. The NOW program provided the right environment to create strong bounds and great friendship, which is something important for all newcomers who have left such things behind. Even today, almost two years after, when I run into people I met in the NOW program there is always a warm and welcoming greet that starts a short conversation.

Juan David Gaviria – Peer Leader 2011


Newcomer Youth experience

As a peer leader for NOW Program, I had very good and versatile time with many people from all over the world. Firstly, I helped and gained people with important things which they need to know about Canadian education and the system. I couldn't believe that I'd been chosen to be a peer leader and when I heard it, I felt proud of myself. It meant that I can lead and try to help somebody who needs a help, and of course, a friend. All peer leaders were friends to newcomers. Somebody maybe met a first friend in the program. I enjoyed playing, talking, listening and laughing with all people during the NOW Program. I was happy that we could help and gave them the good start in Canadian school.

Also, it reminded me of myself and how I felt when I came. I wasn't in this program because I came to Canada after that. But there is a difference when you come on the first day of school and you can wave to somebody and say "Hi". I didn't feel like an immigrant even though I am still.

This program can help them to meet friends in us and show how much they know or what they need to know. They could ask the peer leaders whatever they wanted and we were there for them. I met people from different parts of the world and learned something new about different cultures, religion, and languages. It was fun because I like spending my time getting knowledge about the world. I would recommend people to keep doing this program and try to make it enjoyable much as possible...for immigrants as well as for people who want to participate in that. If I'd have a chance to be a peer leader again, I’d do it with pleasure.

Milana Pjevac


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