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The London Cross Cultural Learner Centre has been operating in London since 1968. During the first 12 years, the CCLC was part of the University of Western Ontario and services focused primarily on providing education and information to the community on global and international development issues. The CCLC was the first Global Education Centre in Canada, funded through the Public Participation Program of Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

During the movement of Vietnamese refugees to London in the mid-70's, the CCLC extended its support and linkages in the community to assist with refugee needs. Having provided education to the community on global issues, the CCLC was able to connect the refuges with an informed community, ready and willing to provide a helping hand. With tremendous support from the faith communities, London began to build its strengths as a refugee reception centre and the CCLC began its expansion into settlement services.

In 1980, the London Cross Cultural Learner Centre incorporated as a non-profit, charitable organization. CCLC is now well known locally and nationally as a one-stop, multi-service support network for newcomers yet still maintains its reputation in the global education field.


The London Cross Cultural Learner Centre is a community organization that exists to provide integration services and support to newcomers and to promote intercultural awareness and understanding


To build a more welcoming community where newcomers can succeed



Assuming responsibility and being answerable and transparent in relation to stakeholders for the quality and outcome of the services provided by the organization


Actively supporting or intervening on behalf of another individual or group for rights, services and privileges


Expression of caring thoughts and feelings that motivates and impels one to action


Actively demonstrate respect for the uniqueness of each individual and to promote inclusion


Support individuals and groups to make informed choices and become confident, self-sufficient contributing members of society


Conducting ourselves in an unbiased manner with integrity and respect for others



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